Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer fun outside

Go me a couple new toys!

Swapped the Santa Cruz chameleon for this:

A Stanton Switchback.  I've been riding alloy hardtails for years, but its just not the same as steel.  This is an awesome bike to ride, and to use bike jargon, really gets the 'Stoke' going

Build is XT like the Chameleon (as it was a donor), went for 1x (still not convinced though) and a Kashima Fox 34 rather then the Pike up front, the Fox just seems smoother on a hardtail.

On a full-sus, that's another story.  I'm off on another bike trip later this summer, last summer in France I rode a Santa Cruz Bronson that I never really gelled with, so this year I bought my own big-hill bike, this:

A Kona Process 153DL, and what a sweet ride it is.  Uphill its nothing special but point it down and its a ripper, even for a slow-poke like me!  Build is a mix of SRAM 1x and XT brakes (going Saint later this year), suspension is all Rockshox with a Lyric up front.  Still getting used to that, but so far it takes big hits in its stride and even for a heavier rider like me has travel to spare.

If only it would stop raining every weekend here in the NE...

Summer of Slammers Got Painted

Work in progress on Slammers units
 Echo company command blower "Mother"

 Echo company blower troop: "Madman", "Moxi", "Mangler" and ""Monster"

 Close up of "Madman"

 Golf company support assets, a command car and transporter

 Close up of Command Car

 Alpha (Reserve) company older-pattern combat cars

 Close up of A55, or as its known by its crew "Kickass"

 3rd Platoon, Bravo company (Infantry) jeeps and skimmers

 Bravo gun jeep, this is a first pattern Ainsty jeep.  The crew they supplies were the same standing crew found in the combat cars, so I bodged together a gun ring and subbed in a GZG driver

 Same 1st pattern jeep, this time it a GZG mortar and driver/crewman

Infantry skimmers from GZG

And more WiP
 Combat cars (with test fitting of splinter shield) and Hog unit all inked up ready for the next phase

Still to go, Old Crow jeeps (with two second pattern Ainsty jeeps), cargo blocks and dismounted infantry

So, why not shiny silver tanks?  Simple, I'm not such a fan, I prefer the 'bare metal' look of dull silver and I never really thought the jeeps should be silver as they are described as being plastic/composites.  Plus in their role supporting infantry, to me, it would be hard to 'go to ground' with shiny silver jeeps

Anyway, that's my 2c and I'm sticking to it =8-)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer of Slammers, At Last!

On my workbench, Old Crow Slammers in 15mm
All primed and ready for ink.   Jeeps and infantry out of shot, being primed Khaki.

Breakdown is:
Command blower plus four regular blowers
Two Command Cars
Two Hogs
Five Combat Cars (2nd pattern)
Four first pattern Combat Cars
Ammo Truck
Two GP trucks

Jeeps and infantry will feature in another post once I take pics.

Lets see if I can get these finished this year...   =8-)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Summer of Slammers Flies the Unfriendly Skies

Sometimes its just a road, and other times its not.  Eaglewing VTOL transports ferry troops forward along a main arterial road to the front

Its safe here, the VTOLs don't even need an escort

Modern warfare can change that in an instant.  Peace is shattered by an advancing column of Free Foreign Legion (FFL) armour

Gun jeeps and drones act as recce

Medium armour screens the command group

Heavy MBTs and Tank Destroyers flank the hills

The Waldheim Dragoons can only muster a single Medium tank Troop in defense, they have to hold while reinforcements rush in

The Dragoons Troop lies in wait behind a hill

The FFL armour ranges forwards seeking new targets

The Dragoons unmask and engage

 Boom! First kill, a FFL MBT KOd

Hit, Overkill, Boom!

The other Dragoons KO'd a main gun on one other tank and destroyed a missile jeep

FFL heavies surge forwards to exact their revenge

 Missiles away!

Heavy powerguns blaze, destroying one Dragoon vehicle, the others remain unscathed

 The command vehicle and remaining missile jeep assumes control of the drones, pulling them back into hull-down positions

Drones drop into ridges on the hill

Missile swarm away!

Drozd shoot down incoming

One missile gets through and slams into the top of the tank, destroying it

Dragoon reinforcements appear, a troop of heavy MBTs

The heavies move into firing positions

BOOM! BOOM! FFL lose two heavies and a medium MBT

The surviving medium MBTs retreat to cover before firing

KABOOM, a shot slices through a Dragoon Heavy MBT

Missile out

The Dragoon's command group appears on the horizon

Meanwhile, FFL missiles all whiff.  Dragoons win initiative and opt to pile on the misery

KABOOOOOOOM, twice, really.

Medium MBTS keep up the retreat

Missiles away

KA-SPLAT!  Top attack missile takes out the last Dragoon medium MBT

FFL missiles from the jeeps whiff (again), Dragoon heavies advance to gain shots

Predictable, Boom, Boom, and more.  All FFL MBTs lost, drones down too

The FFL commander opts to retreat with the remains of the FFL force

This is going to be a tough one to explain

Waldheim Dragoons win the day, but the cost is high

Hulks litter the battlefield

Both sides took a beating

Ah tanks, I thought it was time for a break from infantry and where better for a tank battle than the equatorial deserts.  Cover was minimal, this was a pure slug fest, and what fun it was too.

And finally, a quick word about my toys.  The FFL and Commonwealth forces do not appear in the Slammers at all.  When I started playing the Crucible rules I was using the kit I had, most of which was older GZG and Brigade vehicles.  I've been playing with them as FFL and Commonwealth for years,  all I did was badge them up using HS decals from Ainsty and I had two ready-made forces to use.  Since then I've rebadged these green and brown Old Crow vehicles into being the Waldheim Dragoons, this is why they don't use the cannon blower tanks.  I do have blowers, they are next in the painting queue, just need to finish the Wolverines and a few more Dragoons then its Slammers time.